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Ever since I borrowed the family 35mm film camera for my first foreign travel trip I have enjoyed documenting people, places, wildlife and events through the lens.

While at college I took a photography course which gave me a clearer understanding of the technical and visual challenges involved in image making, preparation and display. At the same time I began working with a commercial photographer shooting a wide variety of commercial, industrial, events and sports subjects.

One memorable project was a BBC News commission to photograph prospective parliamentary candidates while they were campaigning across the north of England. This involved everything from locations under dark bridges – trying to avoid torrential downpours – to palatial drawing rooms.

Since then photography has always been part of my working and leisure life with my images being published in magazines, newspapers, on information boards and many websites.

This website is a home for my non-commercial photography – an ever evolving (and hopefully improving!) set of work. I hope you enjoy my images. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Need a photographer?

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