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Photography Courses

Gain confidence and skills with a one-to-one photography course in Somerset

Course 1: The Art & Technique of Photography
(a one-to-one, beginner / improver, one-day course)
Abstract created with camera movement
(Canon 5D MkIV, 35mm, f22, 1/20th sec. Iso 100)

A photography course in Somerset for beginners and improvers. This new, flexible, personalised course starts with an understanding of your current photographic abilities and what you’d like to achieve in digital image creation.

Having established a base-line we move on – at a pace that suits you – to develop your skills and understanding using both theory and practical exercises.

You’ll gain an understanding of how to confidently progress from the ‘automatic’ setting on your camera to full manual control. Broadly speaking, the main headings are:

  • Why you create images – the ‘art
  • Learning to control your camera and how different settings affect the final image – ‘understanding
  • Applying your understanding to creating the image you visualised – the ‘technique
  • Feedback – post course feedback via dedicated social media channels – on-going ‘progression
Paddington Basin, London
Paddington Basin, London
(Nikon Compact, f2.7, 1/320th sec., Iso 32)

Within each of these major headings you will discover detailed explanations using examples to enhance your understanding of concepts such as ‘the exposure triangle’.

A typical course will start indoors, move outside for the practical sessions and then return to cover post-processsing and discussion of the images you have created.

This may sound like a lot to get through but a major advantage of one-to-one tuition is the option to learn at a speed that suits you and to repeat things you are not too sure about.

If there are specific parts of the course or particular techniques you’d like to concentrate on, the course content can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

If you’d like to have an initial chat about the course and whether it meets your needs please do get in touch, initially by email followed up by a short online meeting to answer any questions if neccessary.

Course Cost

The course costs £299 for a day for a single person and lasts approximately 8 hours. Breaks are taken as needed and are not included in the 8 hours. £50 deposit required on booking with the balance payable no less than five days before the course starts.


Please contact me for an initial chat and to arrange a booking.

About Mike:

Mike Pearce

The course is run by me, Mike Pearce. I first learned photographic skills during a part-time photography course as part of my degree. This gave me a clearer understanding of the technical and visual challenges involved in image creation, preparation and display using small and large format film combined with dark-room techniques.

At the same time I began working with a professional photographer shooting a wide variety of commercial and industrial subjects including the classic weddings, babies and portraits as well as more unusual projects like events and macro industrial work.

One memorable project was a BBC News commission to photograph prospective parliamentary candidates while they were campaigning across the north of England. This involved everything from locations under dark, sooty bridges, while trying to avoid torrential downpours, to palatial drawing rooms in country mansions.

Since then photography has always been part of my working and leisure life with my images being published in magazines, newspapers, on information boards, many websites and social media outlets.

I really enjoy passing on my experience and skills. Let me help you enjoy the art and technique of creating digital images with confidence gained from a deeper understanding of technique and a clearer idea of what you’d like to achieve.

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